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Applied Partners, Inc. (AP) is a family owned and operated company. The company began in August 2010 and is in the business of identifying, analyzing, capitalizing and monetizing assets from industrial structures that have reached the end of their useful life.  By dismantling the structure, recycling the materials and leaving a clean property we allow communities to reclaim the properties and allow redevelopment. 


Our motto is “Reclaim – Reuse – Renew”, which serves as our operating mantra as well.  In our business, it is not uncommon to have companies move into a job site, remove everything of value and leave. AP does not operate that way.  We have voluntarily closed down work sites and notified state’s environmental authorities when we have found unexpected contamination. 


AP strives to be a positive member of the community, while undertaking an emotional dismantling of what is often a landmark.  AP utilizes as much local services and labor as possible.  For example, on our current project we:

  • Contracted with local trucking companies.  We have kept the local companies so busy we have had to go outside the local community to keep the shipments flowing

  • Utilized a local security force, with 5+ staff from the community

  • Sell almost all of our scrap aluminum to a local user reducing both of our costs

  • Utilized local recycling smelter to create good quality raw material

  • Additionally, utilize local print/sign shops, mechanics, tire and part stores, hotels and restaurants


Additionally, on a current project, we have or are donating:

  • Land to the County airport

  • Chairs to a community organization

  • Spare parts and safety equipment to the township

  • Sponsorships to local youth sports, 4H organizations and community events

  • Supported local charities

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